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cabañas complejo con pileta

Cabin Complex in Potrerillos

Our complex has accommodation for the whole family in Potrerillos, it is one of the places to visit in Mendoza with children . It is strategically located to achieve the peace or adventure you need and are looking for.

Welcome to Cabañas Las Espuelas, Las Carditas, Potrerillos, Mza! We invite you to visit our site and we anticipate that there are promotions all year round, including long weekends or special celebrations such as Children’s Day.

You can also come any weekend with the 3×2 promo – Three days and two nights for the rate of 2 nights, with free late check out + discounts for 2 guests

  • Best rates from Sunday to Thursday + special values ​​for two guests.

✿ The best rates for you ✿

At our mountain house complex, the more nights you stay, the cheaper the daily rate.

If you do not find availability on the date you want to visit us, we will take the consultation into account as priority. Just send us an email with the subject WAITING LIST and the date.

9 months of low season and promos with the best rates: Monday to Thursday + preferential values ​​for couples.

Our Cabins

Cabaña Cumbre


Live in a postcard. Bioclimatic features, harmony with the environment and views of the Cordillera.
Ideal for couples and families: 2 to 4 guests.

• Garage
• Barbecue
• Balcony

Cabaña Valle


Mountain views, comfort and warmth, balanced design and bioclimatic features.

2 to 4 guests: ideal for couples and families. On the ground floor, in front of the barbecue area and solar-powered pool.

• Garage
• Barbecue

Cabaña Este


Spacious, warm and comfortable, for 4 to 6 guests.
Traditional construction and naive style.

Completely equipped and with 2 double beds.

• Covered garage
• Terrace
• Grill and deck

Cabaña Oeste


Romantic, warm and spacious.
With views of the Mountain Range, decorated with style and very equipped.

Capacity: 4 to 6 guests.

• Covered garage
• Terrace
• Grill and deck

Cabins in Potrerillos

Prime location

Las Espuelas is a complex of  cabins in Potrerillos Mendoza , located at a point equidistant between the Alta Cordillera (Uspallata, Puente del Inca, Aconcagua), the City of Mendoza and the Uco Valley (Tupungato, Tunuyán and San Carlos).

Within Potrerillos, Cabañas Las Espuelas is located in Las Carditas, the only town with drinking water and public lighting. In addition, these cabins in Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina have views of the Andes Mountains and excellent land connectivity such as telephone signal. In short, this accommodation in Potrerillos is similar to a neighborhood in the city. The difference: mountain views, fresh air and a country lifestyle.

Connected with nature postcards

In our cabins in Potrerillos, our guests choose between Modern or Classic cabins, which have capacity for 2, 4 and 6 people. Traditionally built with tile, wood and stone, the four cabins have a rustic and warm style, in harmony with the environment.

Where time extends only for what you want

Imagine staying in a cozy cabin complex in Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina in front of the mountain, where everything is ready to enjoy, with services included and excellent accessibility.
This cabin accommodation in Mendoza has the comforts and equipment for a mountain area, even in the middle of winter.

Small complex of four cabins in Potrerillos in front of the mountain

The two Modern Cabins are suite style, with bioclimatic features. The two Classic Cabins have a large meeting space. Each one has its good Argentine grill: the ideal meeting point to taste the Mendoza wine, while the barbecue is being made.

When you enter our cabin complex in Potrerillos, it is time to rest, time to charge batteries and without a doubt, time to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Mendoza.



Complete and updated tourist information with tours and activities, useful telephone numbers and much more in this exclusive guide produced especially for our guests.

Solar powered swimming pool

This cabin complex in Potrerillos has an outdoor solar-powered pool, from spring to early fall.


Triple heating: wood, gas, electricity.

Discount voucher

Checkbook with more than 20 discount vouchers on adventure tourism, spa, gastronomy, brewery and wineries from different wine routes in Mendoza.

Tourist information

Exclusive service of Cabañas Las Espuelas

Bed targets

Sheets and towels

Parking lot

Private covered garage


Daily maid

Fresh air

Individual grills


Satellite television


Wi-fi and telephone signal

Our Cabins in Poterillos are located in Las Carditas, the only town in Potrerillos with drinking water . 
45′ from the City and Uspallata.

Equidistant point between the High Mountain Range, the City, vineyards and wine routes.
Potrerillos is chosen by families, couples and friends .
Cabins in Potrerillos near tourist places like Las Vegas and El Salto.

Latest news


How to get to Las Espuelas?

Coordinates:  32º 57′ 41.43 S and 69º 15′ 39.21” W

It is easy to get to Las Espuelas. The road is in perfect condition. We are just one block from the main avenue and with many services. The country atmosphere, fresh air and views of the mountain range offer a unique sensation that manages to connect its inhabitants with postcards of nature. This way we feel unique and different.

It is the magic of Potrerillos in one place.

Advantages of our area

Our place, Potrerillos, is located at a point equidistant between the high Cordillera, the City and the Uco Valley (center of the province).

Within Potrerillos, Las Carditas is the only town with drinking water as well as public lighting. Unlike other areas of the tourist region, Las Carditas is a special place in Potrerillos, protected by nature as it is in a valley, which allows you to friendly enjoy the mountain climate.

Accessibility is very good. Potrerillos is reached by international route and in Las Carditas the main avenue is paved and from there it is only 100 meters along a consolidated road in perfect condition.

Everything you need to know about Potrerillos

Autumn in Potrerillos: why it is a must-see for tourists from Argentina

A journey always begins with imagining ourselves in a place where we feel full and time extends, only for what we want. Autumn in Potrerillos represents even much more.

As a starting point, the golden trees frame the Andes Mountains. This work of natural art, which can be admired a thousand times and never be monotonous, has an unavoidable company. It is the purest mountain air, which creates a microclimate of well-being.

Thus, nature activates us and invites us to connect with our fellow travelers and also with ourselves. Feelings emerge in this scenario of harmony and full life. And, at the same time, the senses are enhanced and we charge our batteries.

We accept the invitation of this highly sought after tourist destination by travelers from Argentina and Mendoza, which offers a menu of outdoor activities where social distancing is natural. It is not necessary to search for it or provoke it. Potrerillos is like that: spacious, airy and with a country lifestyle.

At the same time in Las Espuelas, you will find separate cabins. Even the space is much larger than in urban neighborhoods and, of course, than in a building.

In short: we are as alone as we want, in a healthy environment and with options for activities in the middle of nature. What more can we ask for?

Information, our specialty

In cabins in Potrerillos Las Espuelas, tourist information is a priority. The idea is that you don’t miss anything or waste time figuring out how to get there and what to do. Here is a preview of the guide you will find when you are a guest at Las Espuelas.

What can you do in Potrerillos?

From the cabin we plan what can be done in Potrerillos all year round. Trekking, horseback riding, rafting, canopy, fishing, sailing, kayaking, rock climbing and bicycles are some of the activities in this tourist destination noted for its mountain and adventure environment. It is located at an equidistant point between the City of Mendoza, the high mountain range and the wine roads. There is a lot to do although we can also choose to do nothing and eat delicious food.

The must-haves: the barbecue, the wines of Mendoza, the Cordillera, the pure air, the good vibes and the hospitality

Regarding pets, we have policies in our Cabins in Potrerillos that accept pets by prior request, especially when it is a small, adult specimen. The intention is for everyone to feel like our guests. Although we really like animals, out of respect for the rest of the passengers we sometimes prefer not to accommodate them, except for previously agreed exceptions. Please consult us. We intend to welcome everyone

We are guided by the tourist information of Cabañas Las Espuelas, an exclusivity of our complex that is complemented by the 20 discount vouchers on adventure tourism, spa, gastronomy and wineries.

Featured treks

By traveling through countless trails and paths you will be able to connect in a special way with nature and feel the immensity of conquering a peak.

-Bentonite mine. Walk around Las Espuelas. Unmissable and close!

– Aconcagua : In the high mountain range we have the opportunity to come face to face with the Summit of America. It is the must-see in Mendoza, both for people from Mendoza and for those who live in Mendoza. We especially recommend arriving at Aconcagua Provincial Park and walking its interpretation trail. In just one hour of easy walking it is possible to learn about thousands of years of Earth’s history.

Horseback riding, canopy and the whole adventure

Through Potrerillos with Rincón de los Oscuros , around the corner from Espuelas Casas de Montaña.

Argentina Rafting adorns our tourist destination with a lakefront base. There is canopy, half-day trekking, rappelling trekking, cycling, kayaking on the lake, rafting. The canopy offers another way to discover nature, with family or friends: traveling through the air along a steel cable, sliding with a harness and a pulley, over the lake. An experience of pure adrenaline. Contemplating amazing landscapes that would be impossible to appreciate from the ground.


If we focus on gastronomy, there is a lot of good food.

We chose Tomillo Restaurante , Jerome Brewery and Rincón Huarpe with tea and cakes. Patricia and Alberto, make Tomillo your home, they feed your body and soul.

Jerome is the brewery at the foot of the Cordillera glaciers. With a rustic and pleasant vibe, it is one of the places chosen for those who choose to combine their taste for wine with beer.

Rincón Huarpe ‘s cakes, smoothies and submarines are another little place in Potrerillos that makes you feel at home. More than recommended for those with a sweet tooth.

How to get from Mendoza City to Potrerillos

It is easy to get to and the route is pleasant. There is public transportation to one block from Cabañas Las Espuelas, although it is advisable to take your own or rented vehicle to walk around and get to know each other. Potrerillos is very extensive and there is much to discover.
There are two routes: through Cacheuta or the international route. Both are nice and safe.
Cacheuta is highly recommended for its landscapes. It can be considered a scenic route that ends at Lake Potrerillos, after passing through one of the many tunnels along the way. There are 70 kilometers of a walk that can be covered in one hour. The road is busy with cyclists.

Potrerillos can also be reached by international route (73 kilometers). Taking the southern access until connecting with route 7, on the way to Chile. When you reach Potrerillos you have to turn right. Once there, the lake appears and after crossing the bridge over the Blanco River, turn left. The Avenida de Los Cóndores leads to the tourist valleys of El Salto and Las Vegas. The first is located in Las Carditas, a town where Las Espuelas cabins are located.

By public transport
The cheapest way to get from Mendoza to Potrerillos is by bus, which departs from the Mendoza terminal.
The fastest way to get from Mendoza to Potrerillos is by taxi, both from the airport and from the city. This cabin accommodation in Mendoza has the comforts and equipment for a mountain area, even in the middle of winter.

What is the climate like in Potrerillos?

The temperatures of Potrerillos accompany the traveler all year round to find different scenarios in the same place. If we visit this tourist destination every three months we will discover a completely different and renewed landscape. Although there are common denominators that invite you to disconnect from routine, rest and have fun: sunny and peaceful days, thermal amplitude and starry nights.


At each time of the year, the sensations in Potrerillos are different and merge with the highlights that we experience:


  • Mountain and snow in winter
  • Water and green in summer
  • Golden forests in autumn
  • Wildflowers, birds and sunshine in spring
The 15 must-sees in Potrerillos this summer 2023

Summer is the most pleasant time in Potrerillos, Mendoza. And the cabins are part of its natural landscape to enjoy on this 2023 vacation. What a summer day and vacation is like in Cabins in Potrerillos, Mendoza, especially in Las Espuelas cabins.

It is waking up to the murmur of water from the irrigation ditches and the sun reflecting on the Mountain Range, to decide what to do in the middle of nature and with services included.

The days are the longest of the year and the nights are cool.

The nature and culture of Mendoza come together in Potrerillos, with exquisite experiences.

Outdoor activities are fun, attractive and unique.

There is fresh water in the streams and plenty of sunshine.

The nights are full of stars and clear skies, there is no pollution or noise.

Silence is our companion, which helps us relax and recharge our batteries.

Potrerillos is located halfway between the high Cordillera, the City and the center of the province: Tupungato and Tunuyán.

It is a mountain valley with an almost bucolic setting.

In Las Espuelas cabins everything is ready to imagine and enjoy, energize you and rest.

There are programs and tours to have fun and laugh as a couple, family or group of friends.

There is also a lot to see in the area such as adventure tourism, walks and discovering wonderful places just around the corner from the cabins.

Tourist information is one of our exclusive specialties, plus discounts on adventure tourism, spa, gastronomy and wineries.

That’s why we advise guests of Las Espuelas cabins to just bring the desire. The rest is there, to enjoy the feeling that time extends only for what they want.

The 15 reasons that make Potrerillos the unmissable destination in summer 2023

You can plan everything comfortably installed in the cabin. With the tourist information guide in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, you have all the information for your preferred plan.

1- Walks, hiking or trekking through the bentonite mine among other circuits, around the Las Espuelas cabins.

2- Rafting and the experience of challenging the Mendoza River.

3- Canopy to “fly” over the Mendoza River.

4- Horseback riding, a must in Potrerillos.

5- Dine roast goats under the stars in an open-air restaurant.

6- Sail on the lake with sailboats or kayaks.

7- Ford the stream.

8- Make a barbecue in the mountains with aromas of jugs,

9- Cycling between mountains.

10- Go out to discover wineries on the different wine routes.

11- Taste their wines and gastronomy to pair all the steps, with all the senses.

12- Spot condors.

13- Arrive at Tupungato along the La Carrera road.

14- Discover Uspallata, Puente del Inca and the Aconcagua Provincial Park and its interpretation trail, of low difficulty.

15- Fishing in the lake, streams and rivers.

What do we do on winter holidays in Potrerillos?

Going out, enjoying the road and seeing the Cordillera are already extraordinary activities after this time of strict quarantine, which make us Live (or relive). Here is a preview of shared experiences about what can be done in Potrerillos in this winter season.

Mendoza has the privilege of being one of the few Argentine provinces that allows tourist circulation. To travel to the accommodation you must have the reservation voucher to show at the controls, which on the other hand is very friendly and hospitable.

We continue on our way. We saw the snow-capped mountain, we bordered the turquoise lake with a mountain range frame. We arrived at a calm and healthy place.

Potrerillos is zero stress, pure life. With that spirit we began to plan the barbecue after connecting with the mountain and its pure air. We enter the cabin, turn on the wood stove, choose what “movie” to watch tonight on digital television, while we connect via Wi-Fi to let us know that we have arrived safely.  

Then we go for a walk or bike ride. There is a diversity of options: from a bentonite mine to reaching a waterfall, passing through the most typical streets of Potrerillos, where the first houses of traditional families in Mendoza were built.

Something similar happens with gastronomy. There are good ones nearby, and if we want to walk we will find restaurants, tea houses, and a brewery. And the “seasoning” is that each venture, gastronomic or accommodation, has a story. Some of the owners came from Buenos Aires, others were inspired to develop something special after a trip to the old world, others are run by former corporate managers or professionals who today choose a simple and slow lifestyle .

In short, Potrerillos tells its story through its people. You just have to sit at the bar table in the corner of your cabin to listen. Then tell me.

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